Why Tennis Trading is Such a Profitable Soccer Betting Method

Betting on tennis is one of the most profitable soccer betting methods available today. Different bookies offer varying odds on the game, with the approach varying with the type of bet, best bookmaker, betting objective and selected trading methods.

Why bet on tennis rather than on football? tennis has a lot more to offer. While there is no doubt that there is a huge attraction for betting on football matches, many punters are attracted to the clay court sports as they are more easily able to predict the outcome of the matches that they bet on. The scoring in tennis matches is also highly predictable, which helps to make tennis a good tennis trading target.

There are many different bookmakers available on the betting exchanges, with most of them offering odds on the sport in general. In addition, there are many entry points such as betting exchanges for different sports and online gambling sites, such as online poker, where you can bet on a football match, each player and the outcome of the match. Also many betting sites offer online tennis trading, where you bet on the outcome of a match.

How do Betting Exchange Tennis Trading trading professionals get their odds? The experts generally recommend that they approach the tennis market from an angle of laying, that is buying the odds instead of selling them. In other words, they sell what they are effectively betting on and buy what they are effectively betting against.

Bookmakers offer a wide range of odds, but in recent years the great majority of them have concentrated their betting efforts on the top 10 to 12 seeds in the men’s and women’s tournaments, in addition to a wide range of first round matches in both the men’s and women’s singles tournaments. From these the professionals select the selectively and consistently bet on the few very likely to advance, that is odds with a high probability of success. The odds they bet on and the number of qualifying matches remaining ensure that the potential for profit is very low, but also that the risk is manageable., which operates one of the largest trading rooms on the betting exchanges, reported earlier this year that the weighted average odds in the tennis market have improved from 1.5 to 2.0 in the past 6 months.

However, the methods used by Betting Exchange in their tennis trading strategy could raise questions in some quarters as to just how conservative they are in allowing the markets to react to changes in the odds. After all, if the system you are using to hunt for profitable tennis trading opportunities is the result of hundreds of hours of careful and often extensive research, shouldn’t you be quite happy with the odds that you find when you make your breakfast coffee.

However, just because the markets will be somewhat cautious in the first instance, doesn’t necessarily mean that punters will also be reduced to only using the guaranteed first-round match markets to bet on. As we have said many times, position is everything and in order to take full advantage of the markets when trading tennis you will need to get numerous small wins and then a few big wins to fund your betting. Even a very conservative account will attract only a few value bets, so you will need an extremely long period of betting in order to guarantee yourself a profit.

When trading tennis you will need to be extremely disciplined and determined. The psychology of the game is interesting and unlike other sports, where the match can be lost control and the team that scores the last goal in the dying seconds may be the winning team.

The losing team may in fact be down by a goal, and in that situation it is much preferable to bet the winning team as you can protect your liability and make a good return on your winning bets. Many seasoned traders and bookies will even trade out their risk at this time and enter the market at slightly lower odds in order to protect themselves.

Of course, many people will also bet on the tournament’s winner, and that too with slightly shorter odds. This is a strategy that requires a great deal of discipline and in most cases, good money management. The winners, again, are the ones who win big money in the short term, i.e. the players making big money in the trading tennis markets.

Obviously, a different strategy will be needed in the case of other major sports such as football, basketball, hockey andORBfootball, etc. but the explanation applies whether in horse betting or any other sport.