Heads Up Poker Strategy - Final Table

Heads Up Poker Strategy – Final Table

Texas Hold’em Heads up

Poker is a very strategic game, and calls for many different kinds of strategies. This is especially true in a Texas Hold em tournament. A tournament is played at many different phases – beginning, middle, and end. At the beginning of the tournament, the game starts with probably 9 or 10 players. Everyone has to play fairly tight and if possible, earn as many chips as possible. This is the safest time to bet. Don’t be predictable, and always be patient. Waiting for premium hands will allow your opponents to earn big pots off you.

During the middle of the tournament, the blinds will be very important. You will basically have to kick it in with every hand. You will also be able to pick a time to play for a particular amount of money. You don’t want to stake it all on a trash hand, but you also don’t want to let others see those premium hands either. A lot of players tend to tighten up the further they progress in the tournament. The blinds will increase fast, but it is best to get a look around and see if you can steal the blinds a few times.

As the game heads toward the end, there should only be 3 or 4 players left. This is a dead ring for final table. This is where you need to play aggressive no matter what your position. If you have a slight lead, try to double up with a big raise. You don’t want to hold your readers hand, so if you play it the way it should be played, your readers will also know the strength of your hand. If you have a large stack and others are dwindling in, its time to shift gears and play more marginal type hands like GB/$5 Hi Lo. Just make sure you run into premium hands or AW from time to time.

Once you reach the final table, remember all of the above and start coming up with your own strategy. You will need to adjust, since your players on the final table will be there for a long time. You just need to grind them out one by one. If you are in the less than top 10 chip stacks, you simply need to be playing more tight. Play only AA, AK, KQ, QQ, and JJ. These hands are your bread and butter and you can’t afford to wait around for good hands.

Once you make it to the final table, this is where the hand selection war will take place. Here, you need to multiply your stack by 2.5 to determine your fighting chance. If you are in the top 10, make sure you only play AA, KK, QQ, and JJ. These hands are your strongest, and when you play them you can win a lot of chips at the same time. If you are in the lower 10 chip stacks, you can play more hands like AT, AJ, AQ, JJ, AQ, AJ, and KD.

If you are in the top 10 chip stacks, don’t play the hands listed above unless specifically stated to. If you reach the final table, play very aggressive, and you will likely be the first one to break a sweat. Once you get down to the wire, play extra aggressive. If your cards don’tTrips you, all-in with top pair and better no matter what your cards. If you win the hand, you will likely have 50 big blinds in your pocket. This is a very strong aggressive playing style, especially in the final table. This is particularly suitable for heads up play.

So, the foundation of heads up Togel Online is very simple. Play tight, play aggressive, play with power, and you will be known as a shark in an ocean of fish.

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