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    The Players in Poker

    Poker is one of the most famous card games across the world. It is quite a social game, often used in casinos as a tool to build camaraderie among players. LINE Gaming Systems created their famous poker card game mouse. Now you do not need to go to a casino to play the game because you can play it at home through online casinos. There is a lot of money in this card game and the market is growing daily. There are different versions of the game and the prize pool also varies from site to site. The internet has created a big impact on poker. There are now hundreds…

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    Always Play To Win

    There are a lot of books available dedicated to the winning process of poker, most beginners come to the conclusion that no poker book can help them to win. The truth is that many, if not most, poker books are pretty much worthless. The problem is that many times novices have the mindset that they must play to win every hand. Due to this, they play to a pre-defined pattern which in the majority of cases are not profitable. You do not necessarily have to be a proven winner to profit, but you need to understand the numbers and percentages better, and make sure you offer yourself as a sacrifice…

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  • Heads Up Poker Strategy - Final Table

    Heads Up Poker Strategy – Final Table

    Texas Hold’em Heads up Poker is a very strategic game, and calls for many different kinds of strategies. This is especially true in a Texas Hold em tournament. A tournament is played at many different phases – beginning, middle, and end. At the beginning of the tournament, the game starts with probably 9 or 10 players. Everyone has to play fairly tight and if possible, earn as many chips as possible. This is the safest time to bet. Don’t be predictable, and always be patient. Waiting for premium hands will allow your opponents to earn big pots off you. During the middle of the tournament, the blinds will be very…

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